Assembling the hulls, masting

Grommeting and tools... I marked the places with piece of tape first.

 For more stability, the hulls were assembled together with Sikaflex. As a groove for front edge of the  trampoline I bought some aluminum profile, cut the groove by circular saw, and screwed to front beam

 Similar system for the main sail traveler. The car is of a Hobie Cat, which are also sails as we find out a bit later

Mast step. Very hard to find a solution that would not be too expensive, at the same time easily available. Eventually There are 2 aluminum angles at sides, slices of polyester panel cutoffs, some for inside the mast pipe, some that support the mast pipe from below. One long bolt through them all, holding them together, one, drilled oval for left-right tilting, crosswise.

It plays thankful role later, when the mast falls - the long bolt bends and avoids bigger damages to mast or mast step/beam.

 For the mast I bought round pipes and square pipes. Round pipe is 70x2 (2.75 inches), square pipe is 20x20x2(3/4x3/4x0.079 inches). As mast was 8m (26.25ft) long, it could not be made in one piece, and had to be joined. for this I bought another, inner round pipe with thick wall, riveted together and then welded. As well as the joint, as well the square pipe to the round. Now, I had to do this twice - when welding, both pipes heat up, but the smaller one heats up more and therefor extends longer, also shrinks more when drying, and... curved the whole mast is. So I had to cut it apart again and had it welded seem by seem and let it cool down... Leech track was cut by circular saw, at areas it was widened by hand router, which was very time consuming, as aluminum got stuck to the cutting tool.

Here is preparing the mast tang and testing it on the pipe. It is made out of 2mm stainless sheet.

Mast leech track: At first the track was widened just on one surface:

 But as the sail didn't glide very smoothly in it - I cut off one side as well. Now it works very well...

Raising the mast...

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