After doing the necessary improvements, time to set sail again. She has behaved like sailing boat now... There seem to be a bit too little of weight on rudder blades, or maybe it would have helped if it was placed a bit higher up and further from the center... Also the watertight hatches has proved to be not so very watertight, so have to be replaced for next season.

 You cannot see the waves, so it seems to sit in really deep, but it is not
I took camera on board in a camera bag, there fore the photos made on the board are round :) a phone, as a GPS device, to measure speed. I measured speed up to 17 km/h, which is nearly 10kn, and there is some space, the wind was not very strong. I jhave not been sailing for a while, so it takes some time relearn it and adopt the boat, but we enjoy it already.

 I see land!!

 View to bowsprit and jib...


  1. The boat looks fantastic under sail, can't wait to sail mine.

    1. Thanks mate! Is it far away? If you do any postings on your build - you are welcome to add a link here...