Planking the hulls

There seems to be no photos of the actual side-planking...

 The side planks were assembled a bit oversized on the deck side, then turned upright, and sheers were assembled, fastening in the bow and at ribs first, allowing the wood bend freely and so take the right shape of the sheer line. Then it was cut by jig saw and sanded smooth. It was attached a bit higher first, and this cut also gave to batten top the parallelism with deck.
 Strongback was then removed, filleting and fiberglassing inside, eye bolts with a block of wood and chain plates installed (according to good guess - for bending and tilting).

 Deck after this was planked.

 Some more filleting and lots more sanding outside...

 There is a block of wood below to make the eyebolt attachment stronger.

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