I have prepared wires for rigging - I have cut wires for shrouds, forestay, main halyard and trapeze - to a bit oversize, pressed sleeves to one end. However this had all to be redone - these pliers apeared to be for aluminum sleeves, and were not pressing tight enough. So during the first test ride one shroud end slipped out and the mast fell...

Prepared trampoline. For trampoline I bought a round jumping trampoline mat of 13 FT, as this mesh is not available here. The plan is to mount it as follows: sides will be like on plans, screwed to longitudinal beam, tightened on the center. Front end - I'll screw a track to the front beam and will have a sleeve sewed and rope inserted to frond end. To rear end I'll make a narrow band, which I fasten with screws on top of the rear beam and will have spur grommets in front end to fasten the trampoline. Used a long alu bar to draw lines and soap to mark.
The mat was folded together and had crinkles - it took some time straighten it... For seams 50mm/2" was counted were  grommets will be and 70mm/2 3/4 for others. The edge was folded back and a belt like car seatbelt is sewed to underside.

I made some tries and found, that the belt has to be underside when sewing - this way the seams are tighter (at least with the machine I used). That made it difficult to check while sewing, so I taped the belt to the mesh during fist go. Then removed, because it was not possible to sew through the tape - the needle got sticky and the thread sticked to it and jammed. I did six passes to each seam - three to both sides of the grommets. 
To avoid seams crossing grommets - I put a 12mm /1/2" masking tape between two outer seams. I sew sleeves for ropes. The rear end, which I plan to screw to rear beam - I sew a sleeve too, I'll insert an aluminium bar in there and screws through that. The same on the sides.

Pockets and foot-straps.
It's good to have pockets on trampoline - you can keep halyard lines in there and a cold beer  . I made the pockets higher at the back end, to avoid cold beer falling out. So I drew it on the mesh and started folding.

Front edge was folded back and sewed. Two rear corners were folded triangularly (inside out) and sewed, excess cut off.
It looked like a good idea make the pockets nicely shaped. At use however I can see, that a bit rounded, puffed pockets would have been nicer.

And... Voila!

Now footstraps and ready for grommeting

A helipad is also marked. This is how the pieces will be positioned.

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