First test

So, everything seemed ready to go, weather was not too bad, out we went...

 Wind was towards shore, so we easily set sails on the shore, and rolled the boat in...

 First sip of water... After releasing the trolley and hauling it to the shore - the boat turned to wind and wanted to go wandering all by itself, luckily we succeeded to hold on and join in.
 It moves!

But.... The wind was quite strong, and after cruising along the shore for some time, there was some terrible sound and one of the worst nightmares of a sailor happened - the mast fell... The shroud end sleeves were pressed by hand tool, and as it was for aluminum sleeves - the size was not correct, and it was not strong enough...

So I bought one new shroud and had the sleeves pressed again.

Another thing that I discovered - the rudder blades didn't sink. There was no instruction in the plans about this, so I didn't add any weight to them, however by the time of testing I had discovered that some people had cast some weight into their rudder blades, so I was prepared. I counted how much it would be necessary, and decided 1 kg (2.2 pounds) for each blade would be enough. As it was hard to get lead quickly - I bought tin. It also has lower melting temperature.

Made the cutout behind the centerline, so it would all act as weight even in rudder down position, put in some screws for holding the weight in place, and cast the tin... After that I milled off some of the fiberglass around the area and re-fiberglassed over the patch.

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