Sails up!

Time has came when the boat needs sails...

Initially I planned to sew the sails myself, but I was offered used Hobie Cat sails for a very reasonable price, so it seemed like a good idea. So this is how I prepared the mast, boom is yet to be finished

 The sails are up for the first time, now it's time to see what can be done with the boom

For the boom ends I turned end-caps from capron. Luckily I found a lathe in my garage... :D :D
Here boom is also cut, boom ends attached, rudders attached. Boom has a loose leech. The rear trampoline beam could have been a bit further to the aft, now the block on boom is too far from the end, but will see if it needs some change here. Now I discovered that jib is too close to the mast, so I need to add a bowsprit. It is actually already on a beach trolley, which is also a part between trailer and the boat, and I describe it a bit later...
Here the bowsprit can be seen

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