Design/build issues/comments

There are some issues to pay attention to, I try to list some here... Ribs: there bilge water cannot flow freely to aft section now, so there is need to make additional holes at the very bottom of the ribs...

Rudder tillers
When connecting the tillers to connecting bar - it didn't work... So it had to be modified a bit. What I did here was that I cut the tiller end to angle, make it 90 degrees with rudder gudgeons:

Another Hobby Kat builder, Francis from Malta, had a different solution, like this:

Francis also has an interesting solution on rudder sinking issue - he stretches it down with a line with a bungee cord attached to the end...


  1. Thanks for the build log, I am considering building one myself. I know there is no need for a daggerboard but do you think it would benefit from having one? If you did it again, would you have build them in? Secondly, how much does the entire boat weigh? (The body of water I sail on needs a lightweight boat for haul in/out purposes)

    And Finally, another solution for the floating rudder issue, the Laser rudder uses a rope that is attached under the pivot point and on the leading edge of the rudder. the rope then runs the rudder and along the rudder arm where it goes through a linear jam cleat. So you essentially pull the rudder into the water and the jam cleat keeps it there.


  2. Hi Leigh, :)

    I ended up on this particular design because it was very similar to Hobie Cat; which doesn't have dagger boards (except some high speed racing boats like Hobie Tiger) and there is so many sailors that don't complain about it. So with this I say that I wouldn't think about daggerboards, nor have I felt a need for those.

    If I would consider something, it would be some other designs, like Richard Woods' Quattro 16; would I be willing to pay for the plans. But the Hobby Kat is fine as well.

    I can't tell the exact weight of it, but I believe it is between 150 and 200kg, or around 400+ lb. We usuallu haul it in with 2 people, on a bit rocky bottom, on my beach trolley, without any problem.

    Regarding rudder - for the beach cat, the kick up rudder is a real feature, so I wouldn't give up that. But I intend to modify my rudder stock next, so the rudder blade will be on the side of the stock, rather than between 2 sides; as it is now, it doesnt have a good fit. It's either too tight or too loose.