Trailering and beach trolley

When there is a boat - you have to find a way to get it to the water. You may need a trailer for that. And a beach trolley... I had a trailer already, which is not really a boat trailer, so I had to find a way to make it usable for this boat. Also there is a need for a beach trolley, so I came to an idea to make a beech trolley which is trailerable, together with the boat... So a bit of a planning, some square tubes, cutter, welding machine, and here we go!

Here is a side view. There are 2 cross frames, the boat is sitting on the boat trailer bow rubbers, rear cross-frame has wheels for beech rolling

There are also 2 longitudinal rails, left on the view is shorter, right-one longer, with angle, acts additionally as mast support in the back and front, and as a handle in the front (not yet installed in this photo). Attached to the front cross-rail you can see rollers, which help to move the trolley on top of the trailer sides.

As it turned out overhanging too far behind the trailer, I had to equip it with a sign…

And here it is: boat on the beech trolley, beech trolley on the trailer, trailer attached to the car... For transportation rudder blades are removed.

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